Monday 15 May 2023

The Best Meditation

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With so many different meditations available today – we may ask ourselves at some point – which meditation is the best meditation? And which technique is the best meditation technique for me?

The answer lies first in defining the ultimate goal of meditation.  


The Ultimate Goal of Meditation

The final destination, the ultimate goal why we meditate – is to achieve human completion.

The reason why we suffer in the first place is because we are not one with our origin.

Our origin is the infinite universe emptiness that existed forever ago, exists now, and will continue to exist forever after.

Our origin is eternal, never-changing and always alive. It is Truth itself.

Because people are incomplete, we are not one with our origin.

Because people are incomplete, we meditate to become complete.

Completion means falseness becomes Truth.

Completion means to become one with our origin.

When our falseness becomes wholeheartedly Truth, and when we become one with our origin, there is no further meditation to be done.


The Best Meditation Technique

The best meditation method is the one that allows us to achieve human completion.

Human completion cannot be achieved as long as one’s false mind still remains.

Therefore, look out for a method that allows you to subtract all your false mind.

When the false mind is completely eliminated, only the true mind, Truth, our origin will remain.

From there, if you are born again in the true world, Truth is within you and the Land of Truth is within you.

This is how you can achieve human completion.

And once you achieve human completion, there is no further meditation to do.

This is the best meditation method.

To learn more, please enjoy this video. 😊


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